TPE sex – When men love dolls | sexindoll

TPE sex - When men love dolls | sexindoll

Bertha is one of our exotic premium sex dolls that loves to wear revealing clothing that shows off her slender sexy body. Her desire to tempt and please you is intense and she’s spent much of her young life exercising her body to make sure every curve looks hot and stays tight in all the right places. Her tan skin and perky gorgeous breasts are eager for you to explore and enjoy from top to nipple. Bend her over and enjoy the view or prop her up and squeeze her firm heart shaped booty.
If you’re looking for a hot and sexy love doll, Bertha makes the perfect girlfriend.

Key Features
Material: 100% TPE
Height: 3 sizes
Functions: For Breast / Vagina / Anal and Oral sex
Articulated steel Skeleton with movable joints allowing realistic posing and intercourse
Interchangeable head: YES

Erectile Dysfunction – The Link With Alcohol Intake

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Sex Toys – How to Prevent Injuries

As sex toys are coming to be less forbidden, they are being appreciated a growing number of. The rise in use, however, represents a rise in the variety of injuries from these sensuous help. This trouble can be settled with a little education.

Sex Toys – How to Prevent Injuries

As sex playthings are ending up being less taboo, they are being delighted in an increasing number of. The rise in operation, nonetheless, represents an increase in the number of injuries from these sensuous help. This trouble can be settled with a little education and learning.

Penis Pain Prevention: Temptations to Avoid

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Masturbation and Health: The Prostate Benefit

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Loss of Penis Sensitivity and Back Problems: Are They Linked?

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Uncircumcised Penis – Facts to Dispel Unnecessary Fears

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Sex Tips: Exploring Body Parts Beyond the Penis

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